Our Team



We provide furniture solutions to relatively everyone with a wide range of selection. We believe that every person is entitled to his/her fair share of comfort. We want to provide this comfort so that people remember us for the good we have done. We have a team of 50 employees working hard to achieve this success day in and day out. Our team of staffs comprise of marketing and sales experts, designers, carpenters, delivery staff, and office staff apart from the machines that help the staff to get their desired result.

As a team we work hand in hand and encourage each other and let our work speak for us. Our goal is to provide the necessary orders within stipulated time frame. The experience and knowledge of the team members work in our favour and help us to work efficiently and effectively. The team members are a close knit family. They hep and empower each other to rise to higher levels and in turn profit the company to reach newer heights.

It is only through the support and co operation of our team that the business has been able to meet the needs of the customers with exceptional rating. The commitment to quality at all stages from production to completion is very well taken care of by our members and that brings satisfaction to our customers. Our unique and customized designs are the hard works of our artisans. With excellent craftsmanship the others are not far behind. We never compromise on the quality of the products or the workmanship. The diverse range of both traditional and contemporary design reveal our extended talents and in depth knowledge of what we are doing. The directors too play an equally important role in the teams with their experience and knowledge which they share with us from time to time.